Gabriella Jangfeldt | room 1015
Graphic Designer Gabriella Jangfeldt
Gabriella Jangfeldt, Gaby, Jangfeldt, Berghs School of Communication, Graphic Design, Stockholm, Design
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room 1015

A motion design project. Mission - capture the essence of the new fragrance “Blomma Cult”

About This Project

Our client “Room 1015”, a new perfume brand to be launched spring 2015, briefed us about his new fragrances and wanted us to interpret one of them and also catch the feeling of the brand. The brief also required that our interpretation had to be a film around 30 sec.

Editing: Gabriella Jangfeldt

The perfume is inspired by a radical rock esthetic, the ultra-polished looks of only-seemingly violent per- sonas, the smell-good aura of celebrities and the flashes and spotlights on stage. The name “room 1015” retrieves from the famous Hyatt House now called the Andaz West hollywood hotel in California where the room numbered 1015 was the most trashed one ever, all by famous rock artists.

Blomma Cult is a fragrance about liberating yourself, mystic rituals and capturing a bit of the flower power 60’s. I decided to combine that with the legends from room 1015 to create the film about “Blomma Cult”.

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