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Graphic Designer Gabriella Jangfeldt
Gabriella Jangfeldt, Gaby, Jangfeldt, Berghs School of Communication, Graphic Design, Stockholm, Design
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Gabriella Jangfeldt - portrait

Gabriella Jangfeldt

I am an Art Director/Graphic Designer who graduated from Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm in 2015. My passion is about creating a design resulting in powerful and meaningful communication. I’m constantly looking for exciting stories and hidden details that can be brought to the surface with the help of new visual means.

Raised in Paris and Stockholm, I started my career as a pop artist and songwriter, living for two years in London. I wrote and produced my own music and was in charge of promotion. The single ”My Show” topped the dance chart lists in Sweden for several weeks.

My design is, just like my background, a mix of cultures and experiences. That’s why I’m so attracted and fascinated by the interplay between digital and traditional techniques, pop art and classical art, clay and cinema 4D, endless surfaces and set interfaces.

Gabriella Jangfeldt