Fun Light - Gabriella Jangfeldt
Graphic Designer Gabriella Jangfeldt
Gabriella Jangfeldt, Gaby, Jangfeldt, Berghs School of Communication, Graphic Design, Stockholm, Design
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Fun Light

fun light + kvarg = true!

About This Project

Fun Light wants to renew themselves and introduce a new brand. With some research and trend analysis I came to the conclusion that curd is a good product for them to launch. Their consumers already mix curd with their favorite fun light taste. So it should only be a matter of time for when to produce the product cause the customers are waiting


This product is a healthy product since it’s sweetened with stevia and curd is a clean dairy product, crammed with  protein and perfect as a snack in between meals. Together with an exotic müsli mix of ingredients trending right now, such as coconut flakes, quinoa and buckwheat, we will also increase the trust by letting popular nordic health bloggers develop the product. Make one product of their own with their favorite taste and ingredients.


The campaign will be launched through the bloggers’s sites by weekly challenges where people get to win the limited edition ”Fun Light Sports Wear” that is also carried by the bloggers for the purpose of promotion during this period.

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