Spotify - never stop growing - Gabriella Jangfeldt
Graphic Designer Gabriella Jangfeldt
Gabriella Jangfeldt, Gaby, Jangfeldt, Berghs School of Communication, Graphic Design, Stockholm, Design
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Spotify – never stop growing

The question is, will plants grow differently depending on what music they listen to?

About This Project

Spotify asked us to find a way to reach out to those 45+ people who haven’t yet discovered the fantastic world of Spotify. And that through a package design solution!

BillerudKorsnäs and Berghs School of Communication are giving Spotify a physical form. The collaboration is called SPICE:14 and is this year’s edition of a packaging design contest for students at Berghs. This is the first time an online brand will be physically packaged.

Our solution We launch our campaign with a mobile pop up store at big cultural events where our target group is already in the mood of exploring new music. The greenhouses are our centrepiece in the store. One with built in speakers and one without. People will be asked to play their favorite music to the plants. An interactive game and an experiment to see if the plants grow better with music in the surroundings.

There is also an unique give away, the flower pot, with soil and a seed to bring home. Give it water, play your favorite music to it and watch it grow. Plug in your earplugs to make sure it really listens to your favorite music. Write on the label what your plant listens to and share it with others with the hashtag #neverstop- growing. The big question is, will they grow differently depending on if they get to hear Madonna or Black Sabbath?

The flower stick has a 30 day premium pass and a flower playlist. The names of the playlists are inspired by artists and flower names. For example: Lilly Allen (pop), Robert Plant (Rock), Jazzalyn (Jazz)…

Music is about growing, and growing is about living! Never stop growing!

team: Gabriella Jangfeldt och Maria Henriksson – grafisk design och konceptuveckling Jens Hindersson och Josefin Mozard – produktionsledning

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